Excuses for giving little

Now there are all sorts of excuses why we may not give as we should:

  • I earned this it is mine. People should earn to get their own.
  • People will become dependant on my giving.
  • The church (or other organization) already has enough, they don’t need anything more.
  • I don’t have enough for myself, how can I give?
  • Purposeful disobedience to God
  • Past hurt (i.e. taken advantage of in the past)
  • Hurts taken on (knew of someone who was taken advantage of)
  • Someone else will take care of it…
  • Mine won’t make a difference.
  • Pride (to show there is nothing to prove by giving)

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but to give an idea of some of the basic reasons why people do not give. Rather than arguing down this list consider for yourself where you stand and whether or not the position for not giving is strong than the reasons to give. In general the reasons to give strongly outweigh those not to. We can trust that God is well able to bless and maintain those that give. We also believe that there is grace from God to work through any of the above issues to return to the place where giving from the heart is possible.


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