Love (in semi poetics)

LOVE (A Semi-Poetic Definition)

Love is the beginning. Love is the end. Love is eternal. Love is everything meaningful in between. All of our considerations in Christ will bring us back to love.

There is no argument that can stand against love.

Love’s patience cannot be worn out by the opposition.

Love crosses all boundaries but its own. Love is not bound by the physical, temporal, or emotional. Love’s purposes will prevail.

Love requires an object, someone or something to love, but does not objectify. It never cheapens.

Love is something you do.

Love is something you feel.

Love can describe you.

Love can describe how you think.

Love is a noun. Love is a verb. Love is an adjective. Love is an adverb.

Love is human. Love is divine. Love is expressed in the creation. Love is expressed in the creation of creation.

Love is not bound by pain. Love knows that, in our current circumstances, some pain is unavoidable. Love knows that pain will cease. Love always finds the joy beyond pain.

Love is the power that perseveres against an evil empire.

Love must be pretty important if God identifies Himself by it.

It is pain that often keeps us from loving. Sin is painful. This is another reason we need to feel good to approach who we are and to touch God.

Love is about us and not about us at the same time: a paradox of love.

Love sets you free to love and to be bound to love: a paradox of love.

Love flows through us like rivers of living water.

Love is the good that you see god doing right now.

Love is an idea that we can conceive of for taking action and sharing.

To love is to do what God is doing.

Love is about the strength, value and endurance of relationships.

Love offers both balance and extremes.

What is love to you?

Whatever is good in love is available to you at all times. Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ. You can experience this at any time. No, this experience does not immediately solve any problem you are facing, but releases you from being bound by any situation you are facing allowing you to experience solutions that are otherwise closed off.

Love initiates

Love takes risks.

What Love is not

Love is not following through on the sacrifice of babies. Love is not wanton destruction of the environment.

God is Love. What does this mean?
If God is love, what about evil? Do not be fooled. There is no sufficient answer on this side of heaven to this question. Brilliant people have attempted to answer the question (see references in the back) and they all fall short, especially when one is in the midst of experiencing evil. We as Christians access God as Love and can be the beneficiaries of this belief and the related experiences.

What is the difference between human and divine love?
Human love does not reap eternal rewards. Divine love does. How can you tell what love reaps eternal rewards. By faith. Not the answer you wanted to hear. It is by faith that we hear God. It is by faith that we please God. Why then is this section not about faith than about love? Because love is considered greater than faith. Why? Because love is about holistic action.

Love is the primary concern and driver. There are no valid excuses against striving to love with more heart, more freedom, and less dependence on things and other people to show love.


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