Want better results?

If you are not seeing the kind of results in your life one of the first places to look is your character. In Isaiah 1:16-20, God equates the quality of character with the positive results in our lives. The struggle to recognize character is often the by product of envy related to the prosperity of the wicked. God responds to the complaint about the prosperity of the wicked in Jeremiah 12 by essentially saying if you are controlled by the sin of others you are limited in how you can serve Him.

Do you want to serve Him or not?

The best end of a struggle with God is obedience to God. The path that you take to get there is reasoned out with Him. Character, that is godly character, is not optional with regard to obedience to God. In obedience our steps are ordered not according to our own understanding, but according to the understanding of the one providing the directions.


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