Loving people is not optional

Ok, so there are basically three kinds of people in the world: those you like, those you don’t like and those you don’t care about. Now if your heart is in God you will quickly realize that while this may be true practically, it is not a framework for success as a Christian. Not only that it will limit the relationships you are able to build to your own imagination. In Christ we are called to destroy any imaginations that set themselves up against the knowledge of God.

Still this puts us in a rather precarious situation. We want to obey God, but find that there are some things we just can’t stomach and people we would rather not be around. I’m tired of hearing the old adage that they are around to test me. Yes ok, and I continue to fail that test, so that doesn’t help. And I am trying to get closer to God and even that seems problematic since, if he is already inside of me how much closer can I get. I also don’t want to be one of those people with the perpetual smile and seemingly disconnected from the reality that we all live in. We also do not want to be inauthentic, smiling while inside screaming for someone to end this painful personal encounter.

Round and round I go.

In the end I want to obey. In the end I will find the reason to obey. In the end I know He makes me whole.

This is not a no answer. It is a recognition that making the changes can be a complicated matter. We know that change is possible. We know that change is required. We know we will change by making small changes.

We can start simply by recognizing that loving people is not optional. From there we may be open to changes that will move us in the right direction.


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