Revealing reasons for disorganized thought

There are a few reasons why our thoughts may be disorganized:

a) underestimation of the speed of thought
b) lack of emotional control
c) lack of boundaries
d) sin
e) poor breathing
f) untrained memory
g) lack of training in the subject area

Of course, not all of these may be applicable at the same time. The ones that resonate with you are the ones to explore.

We often underestimate the speed at which we are able to think. We can think faster than we can do anything else. Think about that. What this means is that we often come up with conclusions that we would not have reached had we had the chance to review them. Remedy? Learn to edit yourself with equal speed.

One of the blocks to speedy editing is lack of emotional control. That is to say, emotions block our ability to think clearly. Emotions can inject information into the thought stream that change it course. Since emotions come and go quickly as well, the emotion could enter the thought stream, move it off-center, and then when we get to where were going we wonder how we got there because it wasn’t what we intended, but we don’t remember what went wrong.

The speed of our thought also makes it difficult to stop a line of questioning for scope problems. What I mean by this is that in our thinking we expect to get to a “right” answer. As we explore all of the possibilities relevant to the situation, each answer generates exponentially more questions. We then go back and try to account for something we might have missed only to find that there was a lot that was missed, some of which leads to contradictory conclusions. Now we are in a real bind. We are looking for a right answer, finding contradictory responses and an endless array of more questions. You are in even more trouble when you inject what you think God wants when God is not clearly speaking on the subject to you at that particular time. Here is where boundaries become your friend. Establish boundaries. The boundaries can be time, an arbitrary number of logical steps, relevance to taking a particular action, relevance to a goal, etc.

Sin is another reason for disorganized thought. Now, sin is very complicated subject, but suffice it to say if you are doing something your convinced you should not be doing, it is an invitation to disorganized thinking. It is not the only reason, but it is one of the reasons. It may not always be applicable. It is especially not applicable when you know you are clean. You know when you have been washed by the water of the word.

Another reason is not recognizing the relationship between our thinking and our breathing. Sometimes when we think we actually stop breathing. This limits our physical ability to remain in the originating stream and then when we get to the conclusion it doesn’t make any sense and then we go back to visit the problem, stop breathing and come up with another different conclusion that equally doesn’t make sense. Remedy: BREATHE!!!!

Memory is a skill that can be developed like any other skill. It is also something that when not operating at the level you need to accomplish the task (i.e figure out the problem) will generate bad data that you then have to sort through with a faulty sorting mechanism. As your memory improves, it can aid in the organization of the thoughts because you’ll be able to keep track of them as they pass by. An untrained memory can disjoint your thinking.

A final reason I will offer is lack of training in the subject area being thought about. Now, even though we know that the professionals that the highest level of any subject matter do not agree, we know that there is a body of knowledge that is well-organized that they do agree upon in order to have meaningful conversations. Knowledge of these basics helps them to not repeat themselves or make mistakes that the novice might make. This is not to say that a fresh approach will not bring changes even to the basic body of knowledge. It is to say that through study, for some, an organization of ideas can be experienced that can then be used to enhance your own.

Clearly there is a lot more to this, but this should get you started in some direction to take actions that will begin to allow you to experience organized thoughts.


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