Where you should be vs. where you are

I say to myself, I should be making more money. I say to myself I should be more spiritual. I say to myself I should be more. When I look at myself, I realize, I am not.

Even I as gain ground, I seem unable to shake that feeling of lack…not having enough, not having the right relationships, skills, looks.

In these realizations, I feel either anxious or down, yet, I believe there is a way out of the vicious cycle.

It is a vicious cycle.

A way out:

  • understand who you are
  • understand what you have
  • give the dream to God
  • clarify your ambitions in Him
  • imagine yourself utilizing the skills and resources you currently have differently
  • learn to use the difference to energize corrective and balanced action

You can only ever be where you are. Yet we know that change is and that we play a role in who we will be tomorrow.


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Steward of the Path Oniamai
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