Supposing that gain is godliness and gain is desired…

Gain is certainly not godliness seeing as the wicked can gain as much as the righteous. It rains on the just and the unjust.

Gain however is often seen as a sign that God is with the gainer. That is we often gravitate to the person that has over the person that does not have, supposing that there is something the person who has can tell me so that I may have too. Because God is with the person, as proven through their wealth, the person must be godly.

Here is where discernment is necessary. Let’s apply the truth table with seeker intention, godliness, and wealth. Let’s consider the following:

Seeker intention: Good or Bad [We’ll call this SI:G and SI:B]
Godliness: Yes or No [We’ll call this G:Y and G:N]
Wealth: Yes or No [We’ll call this W:Y an W:N]

This yields the following possibilities:

  1. SI:G G:Y W:Y
  2. SI:G G:Y W:N
  3. SI:G G:N W:Y
  4. SI:G G:N W:N
  5. SI:N G:Y W:Y
  6. SI:N G:Y W:N
  7. SI:N G:N W:Y
  8. SI:N G:N W:N

Analysis of each situation is too much to go through here. However it is easy to see that situation 7 might lead to some disastrous consequences if we are unaware of bad intentions that may be motivating us and get involved with someone who is wealthy and ungodly. There are other factors to consider, for example the wealthy person may appear to be godly, but not be godly.

There is almost always tension between having and wanting. It is a careful walk that requires the 24/7 presence of the Lord to properly manage.


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