What does that mean? A comment on spiritual language

So someone says to you, “All I need is Jesus,” and then you ask what does that mean…

See if you don’t know what it means, it means that either you have not met Jesus or have forgotten what it is like to be close to Him.

This does not mean that there is a lot more to living a life close to Jesus. What it does mean is that there has probably been a loss of connection with the simplicity that is walking in the spirit.

There can be no denying the complexity of any task we engage in. How many conditions must be met in order for these words to be read and understood. This cannot be taken for granted. However, to over-complicate walking with God, recognizing and experiencing our need for Him over and above all other pursuits, is to tread into the dangerous world of the law, which is, in many ways closely related to walking by reason.

Spiritual language helps us to remain in relationship with the spiritual so that it informs every action and every commitment that we make.

So if I say, “Jesus  is the only source of life,” a million questions can arise. What about food, money, the earth, relationships with people? How can you address the unique ways in which each of us walks with God? What is life? Why “only?” Who is Jesus really? The list goes on and on. Getting answers to these questions is important in so much as they return you to the simple experience of the truth that Jesus is the only source of life.


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