God leads us as we name things

The idea of naming as part of the process of God’s leading us in the direction we should go, I find interesting. Naming is basic to identifying and expressing difference. These expressions can be shared with God. God in turn can give a thumbs up or thumbs down with regard to the meaning implied by the name.

For example, if I am looking for a job, I have named an activity. Does God want me to look for a job or does he want me to start my own business? Does God want me to look for a job or should I stay home to raise my family while the spouse works? In naming the activity it is now possible to generate options that may not have been clear before.

There are many other aspects of naming that could be explored. Naming was part of the task God gave to Adam to reveal his aloneness in the world and also to reveal what could be called reflective companionship. Naming reveals character, a subject of great importance to God. Naming involves command and power as “in the name of Jesus” demons can be driven out. Naming reveals authority of the namer over the named as He will give us a secret name known only to individual named. Name reveals function. Name reveals destiny.

As we name things we can share those names with God and have Him lead us through His responses. What names are you using today?

Lord lead us as we name the situations in our lives that we might glorify your name.


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