Standards, Community, Membership, and Openness

Every community needs members. Openness promotes unity that strengthens the community. Openness is a basic standard that the godly community needs in order to survive and serve the purposes of God.

However, if we are too open, personally or corporately, necessary notions of privacy will be violated. Violate the privacy of members and they will leave. If we are not open enough, it is likely that the values supported by openness, such as trust, will be violated. Violation of basic community standards will lead to denigration of the community and it will not survive to fulfill its purpose.

The balance is only found in walking in the Spirit. It will not always seem fair, but it will always resonate with the peace that is only found in God. Philosophical inquiry is useful but limited by the assumptions of the participants. If we wish to find the heart of God to maintain the right level of openness in the community we must continually dialog in love with God and share that love with each other.

There are guidelines. Respect a person’s privacy. Protect the integrity of the community image. Where there are conflicts bring them before the lord using many tools that are available, remembering that it is the Spirit that must prevail and not merely natural human output from well planned processes. The community and its members are full where Spirit of God reigns.


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