Assumption #1: There is a God

While the nature of this God is up for discussion, as is the relationship of creator and created, His existence, and mystery is not questioned here.

Assumption #2: There are absolutes

This is to dispel any notion of a relativity that precedes any absolutes.

Assumption #3: Right and wrong are real

I am not making an attempt to define right and wrong in any great detail, but I assume that they are real. The nature of them, is up to debate, and I make no claim that I possess any special insight regarding their explanation. I do however assume that they are real and should play a part in how I live my life.

Assumption #4: Good and bad are real

This is to say that some options are better then others. It is of course implying the reality of evil, but I’m not really going there with much depth at this point.

Assumption #5: There is no bottom, there is no top, in any direction

What I mean by this is that in exploring the world, whether it be conceptually or physically, the possibilities are limitless. This has many implications regarding boundaries. More specifically I mention it here because any concept presented here can be fleshed out more. Given that any concept can be fleshed out more, it is open to error and or reinterpretation. My point is to present ideas as cogently as is deemed necessary to get my point across. It is not to be exhaustive as that is not possible according to this assumption. This does not mean that there are not meaningful boundaries, it just means that for some, especially the conceptual ones, they can be ignored.

Assumption #6: Everything said, can and more than likely will be misinterpreted

This is related to assumption #5 in that I expect that there will be misinterpretation of some of the ideas presented. This is not being negative, it is being reasonable. I, of course endeavor to minimize misinterpretation, but I wanted to get that out up front and reserve the right to make corrections as the work is commented on. While this is presented from the point of view that the ideas expressed here are solid and built on foundations of absolutes.

Assumption #7: Anything said can be argued with and ripped to shreds

What I mean by this is that no matter what I say, there is an argument, and probably a good one against it, but the cycle continues in that another argument equally as cogent can be generated against it. This is like the misinterpretation except is by intention rather than misunderstanding. Since this fact is true regardless of who is presenting, some argumentation, in the end becomes a meaningless and fruitless endeavor.

Assumption #8: Anything can be related to anything else

This is a way of recognizing that I cannot possibly be exhaustive in relating concepts to each other. If I have missed something “important” it is due to this. It is not possible to exhaustively go through every relationship of every idea presented.

Assumption #9: Any starting point is relatively arbitrary

This assumption means that where I begin in offering ideas, is essentially arbitrary and represents a point of view. I offer no argument against other ways of organizing or presenting the material. The starting points presented here are offered as a suggestions and is not intended to be “the” starting points.

Assumption #10: We all start from somewhere with something

This is to recognize that we do not come to the path empty nor did I come to write from nothing. These things we have affect us in deep and enduring ways.

Assumption #11: There is always a gap between teacher and student

This means that for any learning situation, the teacher cannot provide the student with everything. The student must fill in the blanks. This does not mean that there are not good and bad teachers nor not good and bad students. What it does mean is that ultimately the student is responsible for the learning and the teacher is responsible for teaching and where the teaching cannot go due to the  nature of understanding and translation, the student must go it alone.

Assumption #12: There are more assumptions

I do not think it is possible to get them all out, name and/or categorize them all


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